Kids Trend Stories S/S 2020

We are so happy and proud to present our first Trend Stories publication for kids fashion, design and lifestyle S/S 2020.

This trend guide with 198 exciting pages, includes:
- Inspiring trend stories with general moods, directions and highlights
- Product details in fashion, accessories, sports, stationery, homedecor, design and lifestyle
- Shape and silhouette statements
- Material and texture statements
- Decoration and embellishment statements
- Graphics and pattern statements
- Seasonal statements: Valentine, Easter and Vacation
- Colour cards for each story and 27 colour keys, with beautiful colour combinations
- Colour ring with Pantone TCX swatches
- Royalty free artworks by Studio Bij Kiki, free to use for your own designs

This is a co-publication with Christine Boland Trends & Mindsets
Concept: Studio Bij Kiki.
Special thanks: Anne-Paulina de Jong

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